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 The specialty is engaged in the tape cable coupling and the LCD liquid crystal display monitor coupling and the compression connection type linearity coupling's research and development, the manufacture and the sale.     Reading are more  
» Management

Business management

Production management

      To production management's executing, we according to the order form information to carry on the time appraisal, the device appraisal, the manpower appraisal. To the material, the manpower, machinery equipment's allocation and the use carry on planed, the scientific arrangement. First in the client demand, strictly observes the PDCA loop, carries on the production monitoring strictly according to the 4M1E control. The scene “6S” is clear clearly.

 Quality control 

Company quality goal:
1st, expects an examination raid of qualified rate ≥98%
2nd, system regulation fraction defective ≤0.02%
3rd, produces goods the examination qualified rate 100%
4th, the valid guest sues each month of ≤2 raid
5th, measurement examination appliance according to plan examination rate 100%
For the standards company quality goal, we have taken a series of measures
First, expects:
1st, when IQC examination to bad carries on the strict check, each month carries on the monthly report overall plan, implements ascends the recording points value supplier to control.
2nd, the SQE half value does not attain a designated standard the supplier separately carries on professional counselling, the investigation from the system part and the quality part, satisfies me to take charge of all requirements.
Second, system regulation:
1st, in view of the system regulation question enhancement control means and the mode, and will make the question which in the regulation appears to include in SOP, SIP carries on the control.
2nd, the subscriber's premises presents the guest who, because the design question creates to sue, uses "Guest To sue Improvement Tracing Progress chart" carries on the improvement tracing; Must redefine and examine our design review flow and the mode, avoids designing the fault.
Third, produces goods:
1st, produces goods strictly based on provision of service a row of regulation, the examination produces goods.
2nd, rests on AQL MIL-STD-105E strictlyⅡLevel sampling standard executing examination.
3rd, each quarter coordinates the laboratory to make the reliability testing.

Customer service 

      Company various offices are equipped with the specialized guest to take the team, feedbacks the question to the client or exceptionally can promptly to the scene recognition processing. Processes the unusuality together with the client which occurs in the system regulation. The question cannot solve which to the scene, the guest clothing will feed back promptly gives the company the quality department. We will take and will promote our service unceasingly.
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